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Pillow Case:

This patterns is free for your own personal use but not for resale or commercial use.

When I make bed quilts, I use the wide backing fabric and I buy an extra yard to make pillow cases. Once, I made a quilt using a 2 ½ strip and 10 inch square pattern that left me with a large number of small 2 ½ inch wide pieces of different lengths from 3 to 14 inches long and a few full length strips of 44 in long. I decided to use the scraps to decorate the open end of two standard size pillow cases, but you could modify the size of the pillowcase to make queen or king size pillow cases. I used a 1 yard piece of extra wide backing fabric that was 108 inches so it could be cut down to 2 (two) 44 inch wide sections but for your standard 44 inch wide material you will need approximately ¾ yard per case.

 1. Easy Decorative Pillow Case

For the standard size you will need 31 inches for each pillow case (just under 1 yard) or approximately ¾ yard of a pillowcase fabric standard width of 44 inches. Since I used the backing fabric also in the front of my quilt and the binding, I chose to use that for the pillow cases but any cotton fabric will work. Remove the salvage edges and cut each piece to 31 inches long x 44 inches (approximately) wide.

From scraps (2 ½ wide x various lengths), begin sewing the pieces randomly together to create strips 44 inches wide. Create 3 pieced strips and press all the seams in the same direction.

Sew the pieced strips together on the long edge with a ¼ inch seam. Your 3 strips together should now measure 6.5 in x 44 in. Press seams towards one direction.

Sew this strip, right side to the wrong side along the 44 inch edge of your pillow case material using a ¼ inch seam. Press the seam towards the 6 ½ wide strip and lay the strip wrong side down on the right side of the pillow case material. Top stitch ¼ inch from the sewn edge and press. Now turn the rough edge of the pieced strip under approximately ¼ inch and press down. Topstitch along the pressed edge and then stitch ¼ inch in from stitched edge to create a double line.

Now fold the pillow case in half, length ways – right sides together and stitch two lines along the rough edges and the pillow case is compete. Repeat to create the matching set.

Assuming you use 44 in wide fabric, for a queen size length use 36 inches of pillow case fabric. For King use 40 inches of fabric. Press, trim and enjoy your custom creation.