piece, love & quilt

Eat your dandelions and you won't have any weeds, just crops.

Pesticides are for Sissys!

I believe in going green - 

It's a lot like quilting because you start finding uses for all your scraps!

Last year, I made a bottle edge along the garden in the front grass and now I am working on a bottle path to the secret garden. I am saving beer bottles and other glass to make glass mulch next year...All the neighbors are pitching in....happily!

My husband and my neighbor, Eddy, built this lovely garden bench for me out of old doors from the basement at work and an old workbench

I got from Nick, the antique man over the border in Berwick, Maine. 

I just love it!


My backyard...thanks to Hubby!


Next year's project: Outdoor Pantry


This is our frog and yes, he is real.

This is our pond.....

My wonderful husband, Dave, feeds the fish and keeps them alive in the winter, and they do live outside all year round in NH!