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One of my favorite things about my fabric obsession is sharing it with my friends. If you are a quilter, please find a quilting forum where you can meet people, share ideas and grow as a person and a quilter. Quilting bees allow you to get together to sew or discuss quilting, critique (gently and with love) each other's quilts, and discover new techniques.

If you cannot find a bee in your area, Start One! Most libraries will offer free space for not-for-profit meetings of interest to the community. You can also try community centers, churches, or businesses that might be willing to lend you meeting space at no charge.

Old Quilters are like old quilts, they just get a little fuzzy and their seams come loose.

I belong to the following quilt groups:

Cocheco Quilters Guild - www.cochecoquilters.com

Meets the Third Tuesday of most months 

Fun Finishing Bee - Meets the second Weds. of most months. Contact - Jean Kearney  jfkquilts@gmail.com

Cocheco Art Quilters - Meets the 4th Tuesday of most months.

Contact - Jaci Lawson jaci@backriverbags.com

Cocheco BFF Bee - Meets the first Weds. of most months.

Contact - Jaci Lawson jaci@backriverbags.com

Pattern Pastiche - a private, online quilters' community for subscribers of The Quilt Pattern Magazine


Art Bee Group Project - 

Collated by Melanie Lovering

Including works by Melanie,

Ronalee Goupil, Melissa Kubik,

Carol Poitras, Carol Ballou, 

JC Tung, Mary Furber, 

and Jean Kearney.

Oh, and me too!


Let your quilting be inspired by the people and the world around you. Truly, God's creation is wonderful!